Mogorosi Communications

AI & Loyalty Program Conference

22 – 23 May 2024


Conference objectives:
• To discuss how AI can assist loyalty programs:
– to process data faster
– to ensure programs meet customer expectations.
• To open a platform for likeminded peers

• Acquired knowledge on how AI can loyalty programs to process customer data faster
• Gained ways on how AI can ensure loyalty programs can meet customer expectations
• Networking opportunities

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Solar Agrivoltaics Conference

20 – 21 June 2024


Conference objectives:
• To explore the popularity of solar agrivoltaics in Africa.
• To highlight the benefits of implementing solar agrivoltaics.
• To open a platform for industry peers.

Who should Exhibit:
• Irrigation equipment manufacturers
• Solar manufacturers
• Fertiliser suppliers and manufacturers
• Livestock equipment suppliers
• Agri Firms
• Lighting manufacturers
• Banks & Insurance companies

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Autogas Technology Conference & Exhibition

26–27 October 2023


Conference objectives
• To encourage the adoption of autogas as an automotive fuel
• To review the financial and
environmental benefits of autogas
• To open a platform or like mind openers

Who will you meet?
• Government departments involved in energy
• Automotive companies
• Alternative fuel companies
• Fuel manufacturers and suppliers
• Forklift trucks
• Generator manufacturers and suppliers

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Electric Truck Fleet Conference

27–28 June 2024


Conference objectives:
• To discuss alternative mobility solutions for trucks
• To encourage setting up own charging infrastructure
• To open platform for likeminded peers

Who should attend:
• Government Transport related departments
• Transport agencies
• Fleet management organizations
• Logistics companies
• Courier Companies
• Retail companies
• Energy companies
• Solar companies
• Stored energy companies

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