Mogorosi Communications


Mogorosi Communications is to become the “preferred, reputable, dependable” service provider to all sectors corporate, government and small businessess. Enhance our corporate identity and that of our clients by providing professional services and quality products. Continual improvement, broadening of skills and enhancement of the working environment of our personnel Professional intergrity, impartiality and independence will always be maintained while dealing with our clients and the public at large.


  • We strive to be at the leading edge of managing communications tools
  • We believe in always being warmly and human
  • We associate business gains and add value to our clients


  • To be a global acclaimed consultancy that delivers integrated communications tools.

We strive to be socially relevant


We believe in collective and patnership efforts

Past Conferences
Promotional Items & Branding

  • Golf Shirt, T shirts and Caps
  • Banners & Flags
  • Bags

Added Functions

  • Design, layout and presentations
  • Specialised graphic display solutions
  • Specialised corporate promotional items
  • Specialised branding

Focus Areas Core Business

  • Events management
  • Conference planning and coordination
  • Exhibitions planning
  • Media planning



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